RBT – Random Blocked Traffic is an Apple and Android App that reports road blocks from Police, Emergency Services and Fire in real time. It is a simple interface with emphasis on user friendly interaction and instant results. Considering most people encounter delays in peak hour traffic of up to 70% as opposed to non peak hour traffic, if you then bring a road block into the equation, you can get transit times doubling in major cities around the world. Our aim is to make all members of the Random Blocked traffic community able to send instant alerts to all members within a 50km radius of the reported road block. This will enable RBT members to avoid the instance by taking an alternative route and minimise delays in getting to their destination.

RBT Tech, RBT Random Blocked Traffic, or any of its affiliates under no circumstances recommends or encourages the use of this APP whilst driving a motor vehicle. RBT Tech, Random Blocked Traffic, or any of its affiliates will not be liable or held responsible for any injury, death, or third party damage caused by user not complying with state or country mobile phone usage whilst in control of a motor vehicle.


Numerous studies have demonstrated how the use of mobile / cell phones and other wireless devices while driving pose a significant safety risk to motorists, their passengers and others on the road. In fact, scientific studies have shown that cell phone use while driving increases the risk of being in a crash 4 to 5 times. Studies have compared the risk of slower reaction times caused by cell phone use to those of driving with a blood alcohol concentration of .08, which would constitute a drunk driving violation. Researchers have also found that hands-free devices do not remove this risk because they do not reduce the distraction associated with a cell phone conversation. Studies show that the level of attention blindness during a cell phone conversation is the same with hand-held and hands-free devices. Therefore: When driving, you may not use cell phones (including hands free) or any other mobile electronic devices while operating a motor vehicle. This includes, but is not limited to, answering or making phone calls, engaging in phone conversations, reading or responding to e-mails and text messages, adjusting a Global Positioning System (GPS), and accessing the internet. These restrictions do not apply to calls made to report an emergency. In all such cases, all cautionary measures should be practiced. Consider turning off, putting on silent or vibrate wireless phones or other devices before starting the car.  Pull over to a safe place and put the vehicle in “Park” if a call must be made or received while on the road.  Consider modifying your voice mail greeting to indicate that you are unavailable to answer calls or return messages while driving. Pull over to a safe place and put the vehicle in “Park” to make adjustments to a Global Positioning System (GPS) or other navigation devices. RBT Tech is concerned about the safety and well-being of its customers.

We hope you are happy with our product and find it effective in saving time and reducing road congestion in your location.

You can download iOS Apple version here

You can download Android version here


Thankyou from the RBT Tech Team

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